As the happiness of the people is the sole end of government, so the consent of the people is the only foundation of it.

-John Adams

My promise to you

Whenever I make a decision for the town, I will act in a way that preserves the trust that the residents of Superior have placed in me to act for the best interests of Superior, its residents and businesses.

I will engage the community in decision-making whenever possible, and focus on how well, not how fast Superior grows.

I will provide careful scrutiny to topics that come before the Board to ensure compliance with existing ordinances and planning documents, exercise integrity and transparency in communicating with constituents, and pay close attention to how decisions we make will impact the wallets of our residents.

What I commit to do for you and Superior

  • To exhaust opportunities for listening to all segments of the community before making decisions.
  • To make objective decisions after careful analysis and review of available data and compliance with town policies and plans
  • To stand firmly for transparency in decision-making.
  • To preserve and protect property values, and ensure that future construction protects the rights of those who will be investing in Superior’s new communities.
  • To always prepare thoroughly for meetings.
  • To focus on responsible use of limited financial resources, applying the same fiscal discipline to the town’s decisions that I apply in my own life.